Wedding Planners

Planning weddings is stressful. We get it and we are here to help. GigRig’s wide selection of vehicles are at your disposal for all of your wedding needs. Wardrobe, Photography, Music or Makeup? we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s to provide a comfortable, stress-free wardrobe and makeup station for the bride, or to house photographers and musicians plus their equipment, our rigs are ready and able. Additionally, GigRig’s services can offer catering. Our partnership with ____ will ensure that guests are taken care of.

Event Planners

Attention, event planners! We know how stressful it is to get an event up and running. Concerts, conventions, office parties, corporate events and everything in between, if you are planning an event, let us help you. At GigRig, we have a rig for your every need. Whether it’s to store equipment, house talent or provide catering, we can do that and more. No matter how big or small, there’s a rig for any and every event you are planning.

Film shoots

Since its humble beginnings, GigRig’s focus has been to facilitate film productions and photoshoots. Even with our ever evolving services, we always go back to our roots. Our rigs can house talent, provided space for makeup and wardrobe, and much more. We know the importance of cast and crew, and we work to meet their every need. Not only can we offer the space for comfort and preparation, but we can take care of catering services as well. We partnered with ___ to offer a wide variety of quality meals. We know what it takes for productions to run smoothly, we can help you get there.


Food is one of the most vital portions of any event. We know how important it is for catering services to run smoothly, and for guests to enjoy their food! With GigRig, not only can we supply a luxurious rig for any event you have, but we can provide the food as well. Whether it’s a corporate event, concert, or wedding- we will be there to provide quality meals from a wide variety of selections.

Tent, Tables and chair rentals

Are you planning an event? Will it require seating and tables? If so, we’ve got you covered. With GigRig, not only can we deliver what you need, but we will be there to pick it up when the event is over! Our priority is to help your event run smoothly and to make your life easier. In addition to rentals, we are also able to provide catering for any events, as well as housing for talent in one of our rigs. At GigRig, we have a rig ready and able for your every need.

Recommended Vendor

Braun Events

When working with Braun Events, you get much more than just a Special Event Equipment provider. Braun Events provides the best customer service in the industry. From the start of setup, throughout your event, and until the last truck is loaded, a Braun Events can help get your event started today. Click the link above to see what Braun Events can do for you!